How to Join

Become a formal member
Begin by filling in the sign up form to the right on this page with your name, affiliation, location, and email address.  Following this step, we will add to you tour participants list. In addition, sign up in the lower right box to join the project email list.

Participate in our meetings
Each year, we plan to hold a large annual meeting with field trips and several smaller meetings with symposium and/or field excursions to provide a context for project scientists to present research and discuss progress on the project goals.

Use IGCP 653 to leverage funding for your own projects
IGCP 653 is a banner under which members of the global scientific community can interact, exchange ideas and best practices, train the next generation of geoscientists, and conduct their research. Identifying your research associated with IGCP 653 within grant proposals signifies to funding agencies that your research is part of a global and significant international endeavor.

Publish papers in our special volumes
Special volumes will be published, typically in international journals, in association with the annual meeting of IGCP 653.  The volumes will provide access to cutting edge research related to the GOBE.  All project members are invited to contribute manuscripts regardless of meeting attendance.

Please acknowledge IGCP 653 in your publications and presentations! At the end of each year, the project leaders will compile a report of annual productivity for the IGCP board to document the impact of the project on the scientific community.  One way to make the promote the impact of IGCP 653 is by acknowledging the project in your publications, presentations, abstracts, and posters that are related to the GOBE with the following sentence “This paper is a contribution to the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) Project 653 – The onset of the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event.

Logo Use
Please use one of the IGCP 653 logos provided on this website for posters, presentations, and in printed material. Do not make unofficial versions of the logo. If a special volume is planned, it is requested that the IGCP 653 logo be present on the front cover (if technically possible). All printed volumes that carry the logo must be made available to the IGCP secretariat in hard copy. For questions regarding logo use, contact the project leaders.

Questions or Comments?
Please direct all questions and/or comments about IGCP 653 to one of the project leaders.