First Circular for the 2020 Closing meeting in Copenhagen

Dear all, 

The 1st Circular of the Closing Meeting of IGCP Project 653 is now available online. The conference entitled ‘A Baltic perspective on the role of the GOBE: High resolution stratigraphy through early Palaeozoic ecosystems change’ will take place from June 8–12, 2020, in the center of Copenhagen.

Field-excursions to destinations in southern Scandinavia are planned in connection with the technical sessions as pre- and post-excursions. As the meeting organizers would like to get a rough overview of the number of participants potentially attending the meeting, they kindly ask you to fill in the preliminary interest form online here.

We hope to see you all at GOBEnhagen 2020!
–Christian Mac Ørum Rasmussen and rest of the Project 653 team

IGCP 653 meeting and dinner at the PalAss meeting in Valencia

We are planning to have one final additional meeting of IGCP 653 participants in this fourth year of our project: IGCP participants will meet during the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Palaeontological Association at Valencia, Spain. The meeting will take place December 18th-20th. There will be no separate IGCP653 symposium, but several talks and posters are related to the onset of the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event. IGCP 653 will organize an informal business meeting during a dinner to which all participants are invited.

Please email Thomas Servais ( if you are attending the PalAss meeting in Valencia by December 1st. 

This will allow us to include you for the IGCP 653 dinner. There is also support available for students and participants from developing countries who present IGCP 653 related results.

Please do present your papers (talks and posters) at the PalAss meeting with acknowledgements to our project with our logo (available here) on your presentation and/or a sentence such as “This paper is a contribution to the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) Project 653 – The onset of the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event.”

Request for Information for 2019 Annual Report

Hello IGCP 653 participants,

The fourth year of our project has been both an excellent and productive year. Our members had the opportunity to present and learn about cutting edge science at IGCP 653 sponsored meetings, network, develop new collaborations, and publish new findings related to the onset of the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event.

It is time already to compile our fourth annual report. Throughout the year, we have compiled a partial list of publications associated with our project here:
However, recognize this list in highly incomplete, and we need to fully document the project publication output for the annual report.  

Thus, please email Christian Mac Ørum Rasmussen ( a list of any publications resulting from IGCP 653 efforts in which you have cited the project in the acknowledgements section by December 1st. If you have project related publications, that did not explicitly cite the project, we would also appreciate a list of those.

Also, please do remember to prepare your future papers with acknowledgements to our project with a sentence such as “This paper is a contribution to the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) Project 653 – The onset of the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event.”

We are looking forward to another highly productive year in 2020 with the Main Annual (and Closing) meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark in June 2020. The technical sessions are fixed and scheduled for the period 8-12 of June. Geological excursions will be organized as pre- and post-congress field-trips.  The first circular will be in your mailbox soon.

There will also be a regional meeting in North China, including a ceremony at the new ASSP for the basis of the Ordovician System at Dayangcha from May 14-16, 2020. 

Please email Thomas Servais ( with sponsorship proposals for additional meetings or symposia.

Thanks and best wishes,

IGCP 653 co-leaders