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Dear members of IGCP 653,

We are in our final year (on extended term) and in our last months of the project IGCP 653. 

To conclude the project, we have organized a workshop in Lyon, France. This workshop will take place November 29th-30th, 2021. We expect to have about 30 scientists joining, and the meeting will be designed to allow extensive discussion, in particular to summarize IGCP 653 and to focus on the future perspectives. 

We should be able to sponsor a number of young (student) researchers and a few scientists from developing countries to attend the workshop.  If you wish (and are able) to attend, please contact, as soon as possible the organisers (Thomas Servais and Bertrand LeFebevre). Circular here: http://www.igcp653.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Lyon-workshop.pdf

The Lille closing meeting of IGCP 653 “The Ordovician of the World” was a huge success, with about 300 participants attending. We are especially happy to have been able to include so many colleagues from all over the world. During the four days of the meeting, we were between 70 and 140 attendants during the different sessions. We thank all IGCP 653 members to have made this a great success! 

During the online meeting, we announced you that the pre- and post-conference excursions (to Wales/Welsh Borderland and Belgium/France) of the Lille closing meeting in September 2021 had to be postponed to May-June 2022. However, we now have to cancel these events also in spring 2022 due to continuing international travel restrictions due to to COVID. We are sorry about that, because a few of you wanted to attend the excursions. We hope to offer new dates for these trips in the future and will negotiate with the IGCP 735 leaders about a future schedule for these field trips. 

Best regards,
Thomas Servais on behalf of all IGCP 653 leaders

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