IGCP 653 at the Annual Paleontological Association meeting in Valencia, Spain

This year the annual meeting of the Palaeontological Association moved to the Mediterranean City of Valencia, organised by Dr. Carlos Martinez-Perez and his colleagues.

Three days of talks and posters were preceded by an excursion to the Palaeozoic rocks of the Iberian chains and followed by a day trip to the Miocene rocks of the Alicante region. The first day was devoted to a workshop on analytical techniques for the investigation of fossils and Maria McNamara (University College Cork) presented the annual address on taphonomy.

There was a strong presence of members of IGCP 653 throughout the conference, and on the first night some 25 project members met at a local restaurant to discuss aspects of the programme and enjoy some good food and wine from the region. Many young, early-career researchers attended together with a number of stalwarts of Lower Palaeozoic research. And later in the final, plenary session of the conference, two project leaders, Harper and Servais together with Cascales-Minana presented their own take on Early Palaeozoic diversity.

It was a wonderful setting for the annual conference, and a great opportunity to present some of our results from IGCP 653.

-synopsis by D.A.T. Harper, photos by Juan Carlos GutiƩrrez Marco