IGCP 653 Symposium at the 11th North American Paleontological Convention

Project 653 combined forces with IGCP 668: Equatorial Gondwanan history and early Paleozoic evolutionary dynamics to host a full day symposium at the 11th NAPC meeting in Riverside, California.

The symposium included both oral and poster sessions and included 19 presentations from scientists representing nine countries. Keynote presentations from Christian Rasmussen and Franziska Franeck focused on improving understanding of the timing of diversification using sampling corrected methods to demonstrate that in increased rate of diversification during the Middle Ordovician relative to the rest of the Ordovician Radiation.

Meeting participants enjoyed the wonderful southern California climate with many opportunities for outdoor exploration on campus, during meals, and on regional field excursions. The included daily lunch and dinner provided ample opportunities to engage in conversation and collaboration.

Oral presentation schedule:

Poster presentations:

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