Opening meeting updates

The registration and abstract deadline for the opening meeting in Durham is August 12, only two weeks away!  
Register here:

The project co-leaders are planning a scientifically exciting and productive meeting.  Our goal is to foster an environment where participants can share their current research and ideas about the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event  via presentations and vibrant breakout groups to discuss consensus and gaps in our current knowledge and future research directions.

A series of keynote speakers will help establish a framework for advancement by introducing the utility of methods, proxies, and summarizing current state of knowledge about the GOBE within their domains:

Tais W. Dahl: Geochemical proxies
Bjorn Kröger: Measuring Biodiversity
Conall MacNiocaill: Palaeogeography
Claude Monnet: Diversity metrics
Alexandre Pohl: Reconstructing oceanography and paleoclimate

We are also organizing an edited volume in an international peer-reviewed journal as the publication outlet for the meeting (details to come).

Funding is available through the IGCP program to provide partial travel support for students and scientists from developing nations participating in the Durham meeting.  To to apply for support, email Project Leader Thomas Servais ( or another co-leader.

More information here:
First meeting circular
Second meeting circular
IGCP 653 project website

We hope to see you in Durham in September!

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