During the course of the project, this page will be populated with field guides and edited volumes coming from our meetings and workshops as well as annual reports.


Publications from official meetings

Associated publications

Lindskog, A.L., Costa, M.M., Rasmussen, C.M.Ø., Connelly, J.N. & Eriksson, M.E. 2017. Refined Ordovician timescale reveals no link between asteroid breakup and Biodiversification. Nature Communications 14066. Online 

Stigall, A.L., Bauer, J.E., Lam, A.L., & Wright, D.A. 2017. Biotic immigration events, speciation, and the accumulation of biodiversity in deep time. Global and Planetary Change 148, 242-257. Online

Lerosey-Aubril, R., Paterson, J.R., Gibb, S. & Chatterton, B.D.E. 2017. Exceptionally preserved late Cambrian fossils from the McKay Group (British Columbia, Canada) and the evolution of tagmosis in aglaspidid arthropods. Gondwana Research 42, 264–279. Online


Publications from official meetings

Meeting Programme and Abstracts Volume from the Durham Meeting

Associated publications

Muñoz, D.F. & Benedetto, J.L. 2016. The Eoorthis brachiopod Apheoorthina in the Lower Ordovician of NW Argentina and the dispersal pathways along western Gondwana. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 61, 633-644. Online

Servais, T., Perrier, V., Danelian, T., Klug, C., Martin, R., Munnecke, A., Nowak, H., Nützel, A., Vandenbroucke, T.R.A., Williams, M. & Rasmussen, C.M.Ø. 2016. The onset of the ‘Ordovician Plankton Revolution’ in the late Cambrian. Palaeogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology 458, 12-28. Online

Trubovitz, S. & Stigall, A.L., 2016. Synchronous diversification among Laurentian and Baltic rhynchonelliform brachiopods: implications for regional vs. global triggers of the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event. Geology 44, 742-746. Online